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Social Groups

New Baby Group, ages 0-4 years old
This is a great beginning for new parents/families to begin making a new circle of friends who they can share and learn together with. For more information contact Krista Griffith at kristagriffith@aol.com.

Pee –Wee Group, ages 4 -8 years old
This is a great age for children to begin making friends and a great time for parents and siblings to learn and share with each other. For more information about the Southern DE group email Carrie Huot at fe_carrie@comcast.net, and for information about the Northern DE group email Shelvia Neely at shelvianeely@gmail.com. Email them both if you are not sure which group would work best for your family!

Pre-Teen Group, ages 8-12 years old
This is a hard time in life for any child…having a social group to get together with might help the growing pains not only for our children, but the families too.

Young Teen Group, ages 12-16 years old
As our children grow older, their circle of friends needs to continue to grow too. What a better way than make social opportunities for our young teens to make friendships and give the families a time to connect. For more information contact Ari Rojas at ms.ariadna@hotmail.com.

Friendship Club, ages 16 and over
The Friendship Club gets together once a month for social activities. During their monthly activity, with minimal help from the coordinator, they plan their social events for the next month or two. The Friendship Club also enjoys making and signing Birthday Greetings to send out to all of the members of the Down Syndrome social groups. If you would like to be added to the list to receive information about this groups events, please contact the coordinators, Rachel and Pam Rhea. Their home phone is 302-633-3939 and email address is rhea1357@comcast.net. For more information visit the Friendship Club page.

**Since each Child with Down Syndrome is unique, the group ages are a guideline. Individuals who are ready in age to “move up” may elect to participate in 2 groups.